Saturday, July 1, 2017

Jissō-in 実相院 and Emperor Gomizunoo 後水尾天皇

During our Kyoto tour in June 2017, we visited Jissō-in 実相院 in the Iwakura district. This is a small but beautiful temple with deep connection to the imperial household in early Edo period, especially with Emperor Gomizunoo 後水尾天皇 (Master Yinyuan's disciple and dharma heir) and his wife Tōfuku-mon'in 東福門院, formerly Tokugawa Masako (徳川和子, 1607–1678). I brought a replica of the Emperor's calligraphy. It was close to Iwakura Tomomi's old residence.

Here is a book on this place.
京都実相院門跡 /
Kyōto Jissōin Monzeki
Author: 編集宇野日出生. 宇野日出生, ; ; Hideo Uno; Jissōin (Kyoto, Japan); Kyōto-fu Kyōto Bunka Hakubutsukan,
Publisher: 思文閣出版, Kyōto-shi : Shibunkaku Shuppan, 2016.

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