Tuesday, November 29, 2016

CBETA Founder Aming Tu 杜正民 Passed Away

It is so sad to learn that Prof. Aming Tu just passed away. He was the leading figure in the creation of CBETA Chinese Buddhist Tripitaka. Upon our invitation, he attended the 2011 Chinese Buddhist canon conference at Tucson and he visited my home as well. We met last year in Hangzhou again for the Jingshan conference. Rest in Peace. Aming.
Aming Tu with others at the confernce dinner in Tucson, March 2011.


  1. 希望如  聖嚴師父所說的是「佛事」,不是「告別式」、「追思會」,而是「共修法會」(誦《心經》、《無常經》,並送大眾《無常經》本結緣),不需要冠上他的名字,但可以發揮生命教育的學習效益,故稱為「生命教育共修法會」,法會時間與植存「法鼓山生命園區」的時間同日舉行,場地將在法鼓文理學院的「國際會議廳」。
  2. 不用印製「生命教育共修法會通知」,只需讓大家知道法會時間及流程與生命教育共修法會的緣由即可。
  3. 「生命教育共修法會」時,不作「生平簡介或PPT」播放,請校長作「開場白」讓大家了解使用「國際會議廳」的因緣即可。

杜正民教授家屬代表   張雪卿
中華電子佛典協會主任委員、法鼓文理學院代表 校長 釋惠敏

Friday, November 25, 2016

Master Yongjia Xuanjue's 永嘉玄觉 Relics in Miaoguo Monastery 妙果寺 in Wenzhou 温州

It is my great pleasure to pay homage to Chan master Yongjia Xuanjue's 永嘉玄觉 Sarira at Miaoguo Monastery 妙果寺 in Nov. 22, 2016. It was discovered a few years ago and opens to the public only once a year. The abbot of the temple is also Ven. Dazhao 达照.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Regional Religious Systems Conference Opening Ceremony

We are glad that the video recording of our RRS conference opening ceremony (April 7-8, 2016) is now available at Youtube. For details about the conference, see http://rrs.arizona.edu.

Remarks by Mary Wildner-Bassett, Dean of the College of Humanities; Albert Welter, Department Head of East Asian Studies; and Jiang Wu, Professor of East Asian Studies and conference organizer.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Yin Haiguang's 殷海光 Book with signature

I am grateful to Mr. Chan Paw Lim 林澄波, who was among the first Ph.D students in our graduate program of East Asian Studies at the University of Arizona. He graduated from Taiwan National University in 1960s and knew many famous intellectuals in his time such as Hu Shi 胡适. He gave a lot of his books to me and one of them belongs to Yin Haiguang 殷海光, a liberal thinker in Taiwan, and has his personal signature.