Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tomb of the Last Emperor of the Song Dynasty in Shenzhen

Statue of Lu Xiufu and the child emperor, photo by Jiang Wu
In May 18, 2015, I visited Shenzhen 深圳 to see my friends who brought me to the tomb of the last Song emperor 宋少帝陵. I was surprised to see this. The emperor Zhao Bing 赵昺 was only nine years old when his minster Lu Xiufu 陸秀夫 carried him to water. Both were killed in the ocean in Yanshan 崖山 in 1279. His body was washed to Chiwan 赤灣 in Shenzhen and a tomb was built. China fell to Mongols after this. It was a sad story of a lost dynasty. It has been dramatized in a historical novel Souls in the Sea 海上魂 by Chen Zhan 陳湛 in 1907. Purely incidentally, I just finished reading this book before leaving for China.

tomb of the last Song child emperor, photo by Jiang Wu

government order for protection, photo by Jiang Wu

Outside Chiwan is the Sea of Lingdingyang 伶仃洋 where the Song prime minister Wen Tianxiang 文天祥 passed by and wrote his famous poem 過伶仃洋. Wen was jailed and killed in Beijing after being captured by Mongol armies.

Crossing Lonely Sea

Delving in the Book of Change, I rose through hardship great, 
And desperately fought the foe for four long years; 
Like willow catkin, the war-torn land looks desolate, 
I sink or swim as duckweed in the rain appears. 
For perils on Perilious Beach, I heaved and sighed, 
On Lonely Sea now, I feel dreary and lonely; 
Since olden days, which man has lived and not died? 
I'll leave a loyalist name in history!

tr.Xu YuanZhong


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Why the Japanese Emperor Go-Momozono 后桃園天皇 gave Yinyuan the title "First Disciple of Master Jingshan" “徑山首出”

Inscription by Song Emperor Xiaozong 孝宗, photo by Jiang Wu
Rebuilt Buddha Hall, photo by Jiang Wu 
Yinyuan has several honorific titles from Japanese emperors. One of them is "First Disciple of Master Jingshan" “徑山首出” given by Emperor Go-Momozono 后桃園天皇 in 1772. Many people don't know why Jingshan Temple appeared in this title because Yinyuan was not close related to the monastery. This is because Yinyuan's teacher Feiyin Tongrong 費隱通容 had been the abbot of Jingshan Temple from 1650 to 1651 and Yinyuan was the first dharma heir of Feiyin.  

Jingshan Temple has a fantastic reputation as the center of Zen Buddhism in East Asia. It was also famous for tea cultivation. One of the reasons was that Dahui Zonggao 大慧宗杲 was abbot of Jingshan during the Southern Song dynasty. Because of the Jingshan Canon conference, I had the opportunity to visit the temple in May 10, 2015.

Dahui Zonggao Stupa inscription, photo by Jiang Wu

Monday, June 15, 2015

Manao Temple/Lian Heng Memorial Museum 瑪瑙寺/連橫紀念館

Front entrance of Manao Temple, photo by Jiang Wu

For those who study the Chinese printing history in late imperial China, Manao Temple 瑪瑙寺 was famous because it had a printshop specializing in Buddhist prints. In May 13, 2015, I had a chance to visit this temple which is located right next to West Lake in Hangzhou. There are some Obaku prints were actually outsourced to Hangzhou to print. I am wondering if Manao Temple had worked for Manpukuji's Chinese monks. The main Buddha hall is no longer there and a memorial museum has been set up for Taiwan KMT leader Lian Zhan's 連戰 father Lian Heng 連橫. It is still a beautiful place.
Lian Heng Statue in Manao Temple, photo by Jiang Wu
Taiwan exhibition hall in Manao Temple, photo by Jiang Wu

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fukushima Keido roshi memorial stele in Jingshan Temple 福島慶道長老功德碑

福島慶道長老功德碑 photo by Jiang Wu
Fukushima Keido 福島慶道 roshi was the head of Tofukuji 東福寺 in Kyoto and an accomplished calligrapher. Many years ago, he did a Zen calligraphy demonstration at Harvard when I was there. He impressed one of his seals "Rinzai shoshu" 臨濟正宗 for me because I asked about its connection to Obaku's use of the seal in Edo Japan.

In May 10, 2015 when the conference participants toured Jingshan Temple 徑山寺 in Hangzhou, it was pleasant to find that a stone stele was erected for him on the temple site because of his contribution to the revival of Jingshan monastery. Below is the Chinese version of the inscription and a video recording of his calligraphy demonstration at Harvard.
福島慶道長老功德碑 inscription photo by Jiang Wu

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Obaku Monks' Calligraphy and Painting Collection at Yongfu Monastery 永福寺

Donggao Xinyue Calligraphy in Ven. Yuezhen's Tea room, photo by Jiang Wu
Ven. Yuezhen 月真 at Yongfu Monastery is a thoughtful person. He does not want to spend money on building splendid temple halls. Rather he would like to build the best collection of Obaku monk's calligraphy and painting, especially Donggao Xingyue's. He told me that so far he has collected about 170 pieces through auctions and other means.
Muan's calligraphy in Yongfu Monastery, photo by Jiang WU
Few years ago, in 2012, he held an exhibition of his collection (at that time only about 70 pieces) at Zhejiang Fine Arts Museum in Hangzhou. The content of the exhibition has been published as well.

Exhibition poster
Publication from Exhibition of Obaku monks in Japan, photo by Jiang Wu

Table of content, photo by Jiang Wu

Friday, June 5, 2015

Yongfu Temple 永福寺 where Donggao Xinyue 東皋心越 lived

Yongfu Monastery entrance shot by Jiang Wu
When I was in Hangzhou a few weeks ago, I was invited by Ven. Yuezhen 月真 to have tea in his Yongfu monastery 永福寺, which is very close to my hotel at Jiuli yunsong 九里雲松. I was excited because he told me this is the monastery where Donggao Xinyue 東皋心越 lived before he went to Japan. The temple is above the famed Lingyin monastery 靈隱寺. Ven. Yuezhen's tea room has a stunning view over the West Lake 西湖 and Hangzhou 杭州 city. The weather was gorgeous. It couldn't better to enjoy tea, calligraphy, and painting with a Zen monk in such a scenic spot.
Donggao Xinyue calligraphy 雲深處 shot by Jiang Wu

View of West Lake and Hangzhou city from Ven. Yuezhen's tea room shot by Jiang Wu

Monday, June 1, 2015

「未来切り開くため歴史を銘記」習主席の演説全文 :日本経済新聞

Prof. Yang Kuei-hsiang kindly shared with me President Xi's address in Japanese translation. The paragraph he mentioned about Yinyuan is as follows:



2015/5/24 1:06





















Here is another interview with Nikai Toshihiro for reference:

BSフジ プライムニュース 5月27日 二階総務会長に聞く・・・訪中の成果 ...